Kim Coleman
    4th Grade
    (201)327-2021 ext 2214
    Welcome to fourth grade at Brookside School!  I can't wait to meet all of you and begin our year together!!!  Please be sure to bring your supplies to school if you already purchased them.  If you ordered the school toolbox, it will be waiting for you on your desk.  We will spend a few days organizing all of our supplies in order to be ready to learn!!!
    Here's a peek of what we will be learning!!!
    * working on increasing our independent reading stamina
    * keeping track of our reading at school
    * brainstorming meaningful stop and jot starters
    * working with small groups to discuss, question, and write about shared mentor texts
    * working on increasing our independent writing stamina
    * responding to both specific writing prompts and "free choice" writings in order to develop a closer relationship with Mrs. Coleman that can grow over time:)
    Math: Unit 1
    * Place value
    * Understanding standard, expanded, and word forms of larger numbers
    * Rounding to specific place values
    * Estimating numbers
    * Word problems 
    * Addition and subtraction of larger numbers
    * Finding perimeter 
    * Converting between inches, feet, and yards
    * Properties of lines, line segments, and rays

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