• District Office of Curriculum & Instruction

    The Allendale School District is committed to providing a rich and rigorous curriculum so that all students have the opportunity to perform at the highest levels.

    We value flexible thinking, problem-solving skills, cross curricular connections, integrated units of study and active learning. We build and foster relationships by providing opportunities for communication, collaboration and teamwork. Our students possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to transfer and connect ideas and concepts across disciplines.

    Our staff is always learning and growing alongside our students. We provide collaborative, systemic support to our teacher and student learning communities that helps create a dynamic learning environment. We value experiential learning and apply those practices to not only our classrooms but to our professional development as well.

    The Allendale curriculum is revised regularly to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with New Jersey Student Learning Standards and New Jersey’s College and Career Readiness Standards. We use New Jersey’s Social Emotional Competencies to ensure our students are healthy and well and we give our students opportunities to use cutting edge technology in order to prepare them for the future. Our students leave our schools well prepared for High School and beyond.

  • Tanya Lopez-Gonzalez 
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    201-327-2020 x2264