• Welcome to Ms. Spagnuolo's Classroom!

  • Hello! My name is Ms. Alyssa Spagnuolo. This is my second year as a teacher at Brookside School!

    This year, I have the pleasure of teaching 6th-grade science! In 6th grade, we will explore our topics through hands-on labs, online simulations, as well as build projects!


    In Science this year, the following topics will be covered:

    6th Grade: Introduction to Science, Forces and Motion, Energy, and Earth Systems (inside and outside of our planet!)



    There are so many cool things to look forward to this year, and I can not wait to learn alongside you!


    My goal for my students is to create lifelong learners who are always wanting to learn more, prepare students to be responsible for their learning, and ultimately find one aspect of Science that will interest the student and allow the student to explore that topic further. Science is constantly surrounding us in our daily lives, and I feel as though students need to connect with Science and realize how much Science affects their day-to-day lives. I look forward to helping you grow and become the best version of yourself!

Ms. Spagnuolo with and without a mask