"Everybody is an artist" (Josef Beuys)b

    Attention Hillside students: Check your classroom grade below for your virtual classes in Art and Español.  Make sure you watch all videos posted for your grade level. This is a virtual class and you will learn a lot by watching the videos and doing your work. Then, fill out all the forms on your page. Please, do not forget your name and your classroom teacher's name. All artwork has to be sent to my email: msouza@allendalek8.com
    Mr. Souza

    Hillside World Language:
    Español 4
    Español 5
    Would you like to learn more about art and famous artists? Explore the artchive site:
    Grade Level: Art  PS - K-3
    Email: msouza@allendalek8.com
    Phone: Ext. 3223
    Room # 23
    Check this website to explore famous artists in alphabetical order: http://www.artchive.com
Last Modified on September 29, 2020