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    Top Ten Things You Should Know About Ms. Nadel:

    10.  I have been teaching in Allendale for over 20 years.

    9.  All those years I have been in 3rd grade. Until 2016, when I began teaching 5th grade Science! Now I teach Social Studies!

    8.  My favorite thing in Social Studies is studying exciting places to maybe visit one day!

    7.  My favorite subject in school is Social Studies.

    6.  My favorite color is red.

    5.  I have a daughter who graduated from the University of Massachusetts. She is a sports reporter for the NY Post!

    4.  My favorite animal is the giraffe.  (I just have dogs at home)

    3.  I love going to NY Ranger hockey games in the winter time.

    2. I live in Upper Saddle River and love to go to the beach.

    And the number one thing you should know about me is.....

    1.  I love being a teacher most of all!!!