• Ms. Nadel's Homework Policy 

    Most Social Studies lessons are designed to be completed in our 41 minute period. Sometimes, students will need to watch a video, edit or do additional research at home. If the student is working hard, checking in with me frequently during class, and focused during class, there should not be a lot of homework. All homework will be written in assignment pads at the start of class. All assignments, especially long term assignments can be viewed on Real Time. Homework assignments are worth 10 points. If you do not have your assignment it will be marked 0. If you turn it in the next day, I will return 5 points to you. 

    I have refined assignments to be mostly completed during school hours. It has been my experience, with some students who chose to waste time in class, that they end up having to do the majority of their Social Studies work at home. If your student is completing long assignments for Social Studies at home, you may want to discuss their time management during class. You may also feel free to send me an email and I will let you know what they are using their time for.  


    I am available every day after school for extra help, to look over a writing assignment, to review a slideshow or project, or just to chat about Social Studies. Your student can just let me know during class, and I will be happy to meet with them after school.