• RealTime will list all homework assignments, unit tests, quizzes and weekly reviews.  
    RealTime should be checked on a regular basis.  
    Your grade is based on points (see below).  
    Your average is determined by the points you earn divided by the total points possible.
    Assignments Points/Assignment
    Unit Tests 200
    Quizzes 10-100
    Weekly Reviews 20
    Homeworks 2
    Unit Tests: 200 points
    Culmination of a Unit.  A list of topics as well as review sheets are given to help you prepare and study.
    Please note: If you fail a test, you need to come see me (it is your responsibility to advocate for yourself and come to me). You need to have tried your WIFS prior to coming to see me, then I will review the test with you and allow you to "re-take" a different version of the test. By doing this, you MAY be able to raise your score to a maximum of a C...any higher would not be fair to those who cannot retake the test, just hoping for a better score.
    Quizzes: 10-100 points
    Done at various times after investigations. Can be a partner quiz or an individual quiz or a "pop quiz."
    Weekly Reviews: 20 points 
    Assigned on Mondays, due by the following Monday....seek out help, if needed. If I do not receive it on the due date a zero is recorded, if I get it the next day, you lose 1 point... after that time more points may get deducted.
    Homeworks: 2 points