7th Grade Math
    Book 1: Accentuate the Negative (Integers and Rational Numbers)
    • Topics include integers, rational numbers, number line, operations with rational numbers, properties of operations, fact families. 
    Book 2: Stretching and Shrinking (Understanding Similarity)
    • Topics include similarity, corresponding angles, corresponding sides, scale factor, ratio, Rep-Tiles, triangles, parallelograms.
    Book 3: Comparing and Scaling (Ratios, Rates, Percents, and Proportions)
    • Topics include ratios, proportions, rates, scaling ratios and rates, unit rate, constant rate of proportionality, solving proportions, percents, discounts, mark-ups.
    Book 4: Moving Straight Ahead (Linear Relationships)
    • Topics include linear relationships, representations, tables, graphs, rates of change, ratio, slope, linear equations, solving linear equations, expressions, equivalent expressions. 
    Book 5: What Do You Expect? (Probability and Expected Value)
    • Probability, experimental probability, theoretical probability, expected value, dependent and independent events, sample space, simulation, fairness, equally likely, binomial probabilities.

    Book 6: Samples and Populations (Making Comparisons and Predictions)
    • Samples, Populations, statistical process, inner quartile range (IQR), centers of spread, mean, median, mode, mean absolute deviation (MAD), simulations, bar graph, histograms, outlier, random sampling, relative frequency.
    Book 7: Filling and Wrapping (Three-Dimensional Measurement)
    • Rectangular prisms, area and circumference of a circle, cylinders, cones, spheres, pyramids, surface area, volume, ratio and proportions.
    Book 8: Shapes and Designs (Two-Dimensional Geometry)
    • Polygonal shapes, angles, rotations, measurement of angles, regular polygons, drawing triangles, quadrilaterals. 
    Book 9: Looking for Pythagoras (Pythagorean Theorem)
    • The Pythagorean Theorem, square roots, cube roots, decimals, fractions and irrational numbers, properties of rational and irrational numbers, analyzing circles.