• Weekly Reviews/Basic Skills Tests:

    On a Friday, the students will be assigned a Weekly Review (WR) that will be due by the following Friday.  Students can access the Weekly Review through the “Castle Learning” website. The WR contains 20 questions based on concepts that students are required to know and use prior knowledge to solve. The WR will be worth 20 points. Students are encouraged to complete all WRs, even if it is late, as students can earn partial credit for late WRs. This assignment will help the students prepare for the Basic Skills Test (BST), which are usually given on Friday.  Each BST will contain 10 questions worth a total of 20 points. It will be given in class and will take about 10 minutes. It reflects the concepts on the Weekly Review.



    Tests will be given at the end of each unit; there are six units total.  Tests are announced in class, written on the homework board, and posted in RealTime.  Students are given plenty of notice about upcoming tests.  All tests are worth 200 points each.  Review sheets are given out before all unit tests and the class prior to the test is set aside for review and questions.  

    Quizzes will be given throughout each unit; most units have two quizzes each, though some may have more or less.  Quiz points vary from 50 points to 100 points.  Review days are not always set aside for quizzes so students should spend 10-15 minutes each night looking over the investigation concepts and asking questions in class and/or attending extra help. Quizzes will also be announced in class, written on the homework board, and posted in RealTime.  

    If a test or quiz falls on a Friday, then there will be no BST that Friday.