• Homework: 

    Homework is given on a regular basis and checked daily. All work is to be shown unless otherwise stated.  Any assignment that is incomplete or done poorly will not be counted or receive partial credit. Students will have one day to make up the assignment. Homework assignments will have a value of 0-3 points each.
    Students will be given the opportunity to check their homework via a detailed answer key. The majority of answer keys will now be posted on the google classroom the day the assignment is due. Students will utilize the Google Classroom during class to check the assignments, so students should be sure to bring their chromebooks to class on a daily basis. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions on any problems they got incorrect or struggled with. Students are to utilize the allotted homework check time to thoroughly correct and grade their homework. Homework will be randomly collected after homework check time to monitor the students to see if they are properly grading and checking their homework. A grade will be given for this check.
    If you are absent, please make every attempt to make up the homework as soon as possible (use RealTime or call a friend).