• Hello and welcome to band! Here are some helpful hints to make your musical life easier!
    1. You need a book! The 7th and 8th graders are using Yamaha Advantage Book 2. The 6th graders should still have their Accent on Achievement books.
    2. If you play a woodwind instrument that requires reeds, you need to have a box of reeds and a reed holder. Please stay away from the Rico orange box of reeds. They are the least expensive, but they are also the lowest quality. Rico Royal (light blue box) are better, and the VanDoren are the best in terms of quality and tone quality for the money. YOU ALSO NEED A REED CASE. Also called a reed guard or reed holder.It must hold a minimum of rour reeds.Reed Case
    You can get any supplies at O.DiBella music in Bergenfield or The Music Shop in Boonton. Both shops will deliver equipment to the school.
    Any questions, please feel free to email me!