Trimester 1


    Welcome to 6th and 7th Grade!

    We will discuss the summer reading that was completed, and we will work on summer reading response.  The students will also participate in some character building lessons to develop our classroom community.


    7th Grade Units of Study:

    Short Stories

    Students will explore the 7th-grade experience by reading short stories where they will practice reading strategies that enhance their reading experiences.  Students will learn structures for developing a reader's notebook. This notebook will be a product of student thinking as learning as we read multiple forms of realistic fiction.


    Students will enter the world of mystery and analyze how particular elements of a story interact to build suspense and drama. They will write their own suspense stories that include effective techniques, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences. These suspense stories will culminate into a graphic feature that will be presented in different modalities.

    6th Grade Units of Study:

    Students will launch the year reading historical fiction novels including The War That Saved My LifeRoll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Full of Beans, Stella by Starlight, and Crispin. Students will begin to understand the struggles characters have faced throughout history and that these struggles transcend time and place. As a whole-class read aloud, we will examine the novel Refugee, which focuses on refugees from three different time periods. 
    After reading about character struggles in historical fiction, students will write a story about a character who is working to overcome an internal or external obstacle. During this unit, students will learn how to write effective dialogue, describe a character interacting with and observing a setting, smoothly switch tenses to write a flashback that reveals backstory, and set the mood of a scene. 
    Students will venture into the exciting literary nonfiction genre during this unit. We will mostly focus on how we can identify themes as readers, and we will compare the texts we read to poems, short stories and documentaries. At the end of the unit, students will compose a literary essay. Students will choose from a variety of narrative nonfiction books, including, but not limited to Taking Flight, Zlata's DiaryLeft for Dead, Farewell to Manzanar, My Life with the Chimpanzees, and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

    Both 6th and 7th Grades:

    Independent Reading/Independent Writing

    During the course of all the units, the students will be required to always have an independent reading book with them. Students should strive to read every night. The students will also work in their writer's notebooks on a regular basis.   


    Grammar and Word Study

    Grammar lessons will be infused into the writing curriculum.  Word study lessons will be built into the reading units.