• The AFEE 2016 Grant Cycle is officially open!  We have a new application form this year.  It’s been revised so that it’s simple and straightforward to complete.  It’s also on a new platform.  It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.x or greater (Windows or MacOS) to view and complete.  Grants are due on Thursday, March 24th.  

    Once your application is complete, you can print a copy and submit that to AFEE, or you can hit the “SUBMIT” button, which will email a copy directly to AFEE.=

    Please click here for the 2016 Grant Application.

    To download, right click on the link and select "Save link as..." 
    This form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.x or greater (Windows or MacOS)
    To download Adobe Acrobat go to http://get.adobe.com/reader

    A few answers to some frequently asked questions:

    Q: When are applications due?
    A:  Applications are due Thursday, March 24th

    Q: What if I miss the deadline?  
    A:  Unfortunately we can not accept applications past the March 24th due date.  Late applications will be considered as part of following year's grant cycle.

    Q:  Can I write a grant for something that’s been done before? 
    A:  Yes you can, but please be sure to explain what contributed to its success in the past and address if there is anything you can do this year to improve upon it.

    Q:  Is there a minimum/maximum dollar amount for a grant? 
    A:  There is no minimum!  Please feel free to view a grant as an opportunity to test out a new idea which can be expanded upon in the next grant cycle if successful. There is no maximum amount either.  However, for larger grants please be sure you provide as many specifics as possible.  Please also be sure that you’ve addressed all the questions within the budget section. 

    Q:  What if I have questions about the grant writing process? 
    A:  Feel free to reach out to AFEE Board members Julie Cornacchia at julz0227@yahoo.com or Liz Paccione at lizpaccione@verizon.net with any specific questions and they will be happy to assist you!