• Instrumental Music
       The instrumental music program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.  The program starts in fourth grade, and builds on the learning of each year through the end of eighth grade. Students rehearse during their band period every other day.  Those students in band and choir rehearse every four days.

    In addition to band rehearsals, students have a group lesson once a week.  Students come out of class on a rotating basis, so that students miss the same class only once every FOUR WEEKS.  Teachers on the grade level are aware of this pull out situation, and work together with Mrs. Mather to make sure the students work is made up.  Students are responsible for work missed. 

    What’s new in 6th grade?

    • There are no before school rehearsals! (I’m not sure who likes this more, the students or the parents!)
    • Students now receive grades in band. Grades in instrumental music are based mostly on effort.  Students are required to come to class prepared every day.  Being prepared means that each student has their instrument, their music, a pencil, and their assignment pad. Preparation also includes knowing the music.  This requires individual practice.  Students are instructed that they need to practice the amount of time it takes them to know the material.  This is different for every child, and is assessed in their weekly lessons

    What’s new in 7th Grade?

    • Students in 7th and 8th grade are required to come once a week after school to rehearse with the entire senior band.  Attendance is mandatory, and every effort should be made to get there.  Students are excused for school inter-mural sports during the appropriate season.  Other situations that cannot be moved must be brought to Mrs. Mather’s attention prior to the first rehearsal.  
    • Students are given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities such as Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble and String Ensemble.

    What’s new in 8th Grade?

    • 8th grade is run the same as 7th grade with the exception that 8th graders make up the Band Council and are the leadership of the band. We look to them to really push the level of the ensemble and set an example for the 7th graders in Senior Band.