• For ALL Incoming 7th Grade Math Students:

    Starting August 1st, you will need to complete the following math assignment.  

    Please go to www.castlelearning.com:


    • Use the same user ID that you have been using in 6th grade
    • Your password has been reset, so when you type in your user ID, do not enter a password.  Click Sign in.  You will be prompted to enter a password.  You may use the same password as last year. 
    • If you have difficulty getting on, please contact Mr. Winkelstein (bwinkelstein@allendalek8.com).


    You will have 3 assignments from Mr. DeFeo:

    • "Test 1: Summer Assignment for Incoming 7th Graders"
    • "Test 2: Summer Assignment for Incoming 7th Graders"
    • "Test 3: Summer Assignment for Incoming 7th Graders"


    You MUST take Test 1.  If you want to get more practice or try for a higher grade, you can take Test 2 and then Test 3.  If you choose to take Test 2 and Test 3, the higher score of the three tests will be recorded as your first math grade of the year.  Again, all students must take Test 1, but Test 2 and Test 3 are optional.  


    FYI: If you get the question correct on the 2nd try, you will receive full credit for that question.


    *This needs to be completed by the 1st day of school*


    Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  I hope you have a wonderful and restful summer!




    Mr. DeFeo