Homework is an important part of your education. It is not meant to keep you busy just for the sake of having something to do; it truly is meant to extend your learning at home. When I assign you homework, know that I am doing so because I believe that the particular topic we are studying is worth studying more in depth outside the classroom. Homework will almost always connect to the next day's lesson, so it is important to come prepared!
    There will be many different types of assignments given (reading, writing, grammar/vocab, etc.), in addition to independent reading (which I expect you to do every day!) Homework assignments and due dates will be posted on Google Classroom and Realtime, as well as be written on the homework board in the classroom.
    Please note...
    • All homework assignments should be completed neatly (that means if handwritten, it must be legible, and also free of errors). If I can't read it, I will return it back to you.
    • Homework assignments will be worth between 2 and 25 points; partial points may be deducted if an assignment is incomplete or incorrect. Not all late assignments will be accepted for credit. If stated, you may earn points back on specified assignments. Homework is about learning!
    • Homework grades will be posted to Realtime; it is YOUR responsibility to monitor your grades and come talk to me if you have any questions or concerns in a timely manner.