• Ten Facts About Miss Sammarone!


    1. I'm getting married in 2022!
    2. I graduated from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut with a bachelor's in English and a master's in secondary education. Go Stags!
    3. My favorite season is summer, and I love going to the beach.
    4. I have a younger brother who's in college.
    5. My favorite sports are soccer and football. #GoJets #ForzaJuve
    6. My least favorite food is ice cream!
    7. Last shows I binge-watched: Big Shot, The Circle, and Anne with an E (on my list next!)
    8. Book(s) I just finished reading: Stargirl, A Pho Love Story, & Starfish
    9. Dream vacation: A food tour of Italy!
    10. Favorite movie(s) of all-time: anything Disney/Pixar (currently love Luca!)