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    Social Studies Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ 1:  What should I bring to class every day?

    Þ    3-ring binder with loose leaf paper; either a separate one for Social Studies or a section of your morning or afternoon binder.  (I do not advise using a spiral notebook but it is up to you. The bottom line is you need to have a place to write things down and a way to store handouts.)

    Þ    Chromebook (charged)

    Þ    Homework if any is due

    Þ    Assignment planner

    Þ    2 black or dark blue pens and one other color pen, #2 pencils with erasers, highlighter, earbuds or earphones to use with your Chromebook

    FAQ 2:  Can I return to my locker if I forget something?

    It is your responsibility to come to class on time and prepared.

    FAQ 3:  How am I being graded?

    All assignments are given a point value depending on the requirements.  Your assignment will have the score written at the top in the form of a fraction. To figure out the percentage of your grade, divide the points you’ve earned by the total points possible.  The trimester grade will also be determined by points earned divided by points available.

    FAQ 4:  What if I forget to bring in or do an assignment?

    Trimesters 1 and 2

    Trimester 3

    *20% deduction for each day the homework assignment is late, up to two days.  After that the grade is a zero. Late long-term assignments will be accepted up to one week late at a 50% deduction.

    **20% deduction for each day the homework assignment is late, up to one day.  After that the grade is a zero.  Late long-term assignments will be accepted up to one week late at a 50% deduction.

    *Homework is due at the beginning of class.  If it is not entirely complete or is illegible IT IS LATE.

    FAQ 5:  Can I do extra credit?

            Yes.  There will be extra-credit available for the first and second trimesters. It is only available if you have missed 3 or fewer assignments. The projects are announced in the latter part of the trimesters.

    FAQ 6:  What should I do if I am absent from class?

    •         Check RealTime and Google Classroom
    •         Find out what you missed from a reliable classmate from your class.
    •         Upon your return, see Mr. Goodman to schedule make-up assignments and get handouts.  If you will be missing class due to an instrument lesson you need to check in with me first and turn in any assignments that are due. If you miss a short pop quiz, you will not have to make it up. It will be entered in the grade book program as “exempt.”

    Note:  You have the number of days you were absent to make up assignments and tests; your grade will be subject to late penalties beyond that number of days.  Arrangements can be made for long periods of absence.

    FAQ 7:  Do you tell us our on-going average/trimester grade?

    No.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your own grades and to schedule make-up tests.  You can check your grades online using Genesis. You are encouraged to show me a graded assignment if an error was made in the grade entry.

    FAQ 8:  What should I do when I need to go to the bathroom or water fountain?

    ASK PERMISSION FIRST.  If permission is given, sign out on the page on the back bookshelf.  Sign in when you return. Students are to use the bathrooms and water fountains near the main foyer as they are closest to the classroom.

    FAQ 9:  What if my printer breaks right before something is due?

    •         Email the assignment to a reliable friend who can print it and give it to you.
    •         Email the assignment to me at     jgoodman@allendalek8.com
    •         Print the assignment at school before homeroom or at recess.

    FAQ 10: Is there a final exam in this class?

    No; but there is a big service learning project that culminates toward the end of the year.

    FAQ 11: Is there anything special I need to know when completing homework?

    Yes.  Use the full school heading. Write the assignment title centered below the heading. Write using complete sentences. A typed and printed assignment should be turned in on a full sheet of paper (8 ½ x 11.) A handwritten assignment should be turned in on a full sheet of composition paper (not on a page torn from a marble or spiral composition book.) You need to follow this format to earn full credit.