• Homework Bag

    HW Bag

    Each Academic Support student receives a weekly Homework Bag.  The bag is due back to school each Monday. 

    Inside the bag there is:

    1- ring of current grade-level sight words

    Five sight words are added weekly.  The children should be practicing how to say them as well as learning how to correctly spell each one.  

    2-finished work

    Work which has been completed in class during small group.  This work should be kept at home.  Any paper books with their names on it can be kept as an at home library.  

    3-ring with comprehension questions and sight word list

    -Attached to the ring are two sheets with comprehension questions-one is for fiction texts and the other is for non-fiction texts.  Parents can ask a few questions from these sheets depending on what books are in their bag.  The questions help direct your child when reading a story.  It helps focus their thinking, which in turn will help with retelling the story and comprehension skills. 

    -Grade level sight word lists which will help with what has been taught and a preview of what is to come.

    4-Leveled Books

    Each student will take home 2-3 books weekly on their just right reading level. There are times that books in the bag may be a level below or above depending on what skills were taught that week.  It is possible that there will be a range of books in the HW Bag.  



Last Modified on September 25, 2019