Sean Bulger


    ext. 2209



    February 13th- Unit 4 math test

    February 14th - Valentine's Day party

    February 17th-21st - No school




    Literacy - Last week, the class read and analyzed two readings on the Underground Railroad. One account was first-hand, while the other described how the Underground Railroad was created. This week we will continue our nonfiction reading with a biography on Rosa Parks and passages on the Montgomery bus boycott. The students will learn how some nonfiction texts are structured as problem-solution. 


    Writing - The class will share their nonfiction writing this week, then they will work writing a compare-contrast piece on two things. For example, one student may compare and contrast skiing to snowboarding, or baseball to soccer. 


    Math - The class did well solving multi-step word problems and worked hard reading them carefully to determine how to solve them. This upcoming week, we will review liters to milliliters and kilograms to grams conversions. 


    The class always practice math on https://student.freckle.com/#/login 


    The login code bulgex. This is a great resource if you would like students to practice math at home or enrich homework.


    Science -  The class learned all about ducks and how they are structured to survive and also how their behaviors help them so survive. This upcoming week, students will pick their own animal to research and create a presentation on their structure, behavior, and what adaptations they would need to survive in another environment. 


    Schedule for next week:

    Monday- G Tuesday- H Wednesday-I Thursday- J Friday- A


    Please let me know if you have any questions.