• Red Word Information:

    New 1-1-1 Rule:  cosonant digraph endings -ck, -tch, and -dge

    • 1 - syllable
    • 1 - single short vowel
    • 1 - /k/, /ch/ or /j/ sound (at the end of a word)


         flock     fl  o  ck

         stitch   st  i  tch

         judge    j  u  dge


    1. A RED WORD is a word that cannot be 'sounded' out.  One must memorize the spelling of such words.  Example:  from sounds like /frum/.
    2. Green Words are those that are phonetical in nature... you can sound them out once you know the stratgies that accompany the sounds.  Example:  shelf - you hear phonemes /sh/ /e/ /lf/.



    Character Study Anchor Chart


    Comprehension Checklist



    How to give a short summary.



    Let the Five-Finger Rule help you!

      5 finger



    Giving a Book Talk:  after reading a couple of pages, give a book talk.

    Book Talk    


    Reading Strategies:  Grade 2 to 3 expectations while reading.   

    REading STrategies      

    Students are always practicing reading strategies whenever they are confronted with text.   Solving unfamiliar words and understanding these words is one way to improve comprehension.  Talk about unfamiliar vocabulary whenever the opportunity presents itself.



    Scooping more words at a time while reading helps to increase fluency.  Take a deep breath and read as many words in that breath as possible.  See how quickly you can read the same paragraph again and again.  Time yourself.  TEST your memory:  What was that small paragraph all about?