• Current unit of study:  


    Narrative Nonfiction

    -Learning about these types of "true stories"

    -Making judgements about the real life characters and finding evidence from the stories to further support our ideas

    -Learning facts about the people, places, and things from these stories which will lead to additional research



    * working on increasing our independent writing stamina

    *Current unit of study:  Writing about our reading

    -focusing on summaries

    -reactions to our reading with details, text evidence, and further thinking about theme

    -Organizing a five paragraph essay


    Math: Unit 3

    *equal sharing

    *equivalent names for fractions

    *fractions on number lines

    *solving multi-step number stories

    *using benchmarks

    *comparing fractions

    *ordering fractions

    *placing fractions on number lines

    *exploring decimals

    *measurement equivalents

    *centimeters and millimeters 

    *comparing decimals




    Link to my Google Classroom Math that has all of the lessons we do in class:)

    Link to Lessons



    * Our class is currently learning about energy.  We are making closed circuits, and working with insulators and conductors this week.