• Kelly Cites

    4th Grade


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    Welcome to Fourth Grade at Brookside with Mrs. Cites!!! 


    I can't believe its already November!  Here's a peek of what's ahead:


    Reminders -

    Our first math test will be Thursday, October 17, 2019.

    No School October 9, October 14, and October 15.



    * working on increasing our independent reading stamina

    * keeping track of our reading at school

    * brainstorming meaningful stop and jot starters

    * working with small groups to discuss, question, and write about shared mentor texts



    * working on increasing our independent writing stamina

    * responding to both specific writing prompts and "free choice" writings

    * writing about our personal goals and expectations we have for fourth grade



    * Review of place and value with larger numbers

    * Review of standard, written, and expanded form of numbers

    * Review of saying larger numbers properly

    * Better understanding of place value relationships between digits in the same larger number