Units of Study

    • Here's a peek of what's ahead:
      * working on increasing our independent reading stamina
      * keeping track of our reading at school
      * brainstorming meaningful stop and jot starters
      * Working with small groups to discuss, question, and write about shared mentor texts
      *Current unit of study:  Nonfiction
      -Learning about these types of pieces as well as the elements they include
      -text structures and text features: how are nonfiction texts organized? 
      * working on increasing our independent writing stamina
      * responding to both specific writing prompts and "free choice" writings in order to develop a closer relationship with Mrs. C that can grow over time:)
      *Current unit of study:  Nonfiction
      -focusing on note-taking skills
      -transferring notes to well written factual summaries
      -practicing writing in specific structures (description, compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect)
      -including text features in our writing to further inform, teach, show, explain, and organize our writing
      Math: Unit 4
      *extended multiplication facts
      *making reasonable estimates for products
      *partitioning rectangles
      *converting liquid measures
      *partial-products multiplication
      *metric units of mass
      *money number stories
      *area models for rectangles and rectilinear figures
      *multistep multiplication number stories
      *lattice multiplication
      *traditional multiplication
      Link to my Google Classroom Math that has most of the lessons we do in class:)
      * Our class will be beginning a unit in Structure and Function.  


Last Modified on January 16, 2020