•  C o u r s e 

    P o l i c i e s



    A total points system will be used for all assignments, including classwork, homework, labs, projects, and assessments. Please note that a major portion of this course includes group work. Labs, projects, and group assignments are purposely designed to be challenging for students to conquer in teams and facilitated by the teacher.

    Homework & Assignments:

    Please check Google Classroom & Real Time regularly for updates about homework and assignments. ​

    Late Work:

    It is crucial to finish work before the deadline for success in this course. Late work MUST be accompanied by a polite email stating completion in order to receive partial credit. Missing homework will receive half credit and larger assignments will receive a point(s) deduction for each day after the deadline. ​

    Absence Policies: 

    If you know you will miss class in advance, please let your groupmates and teacher know ASAP. For known absences, homework should be gathered prior to the absence, to be turned in ON TIME.


    In the event of an unplanned absence, it is your responsibility to collect and complete assignments from peers, and reach out to your teacher if you have any remaining questions. You will have one day to make up and turn in any missing work for each excused absent day.