• Grades


    Grades are based on a total point system and are composed of the following categories:


    Homework: Homework assignments are usually worth between 3-5 points.  Students are encouraged to do their best on these assignments and attempt all parts of the assignment.  Homework helps students practice skills, thus making a mistake is better than leaving blanks because we can together figure out how to make improvements.  Late assignments are worth half credit.  Homework is posted on Genesis and copies of the assignments and links are available on Google classroom in case you are absent.


    Check-ups: Check-ups are open-notebook assignments designed to make sure students are understanding concepts and keeping organized.  These assignments are completed in class and are usually worth between 10-20 points.  


    Lab Reports: Lab reports/questions/CERs: These assignments are typically worth between 25 and 40 points depending upon the length and components of the report. 


    Projects: Projects are typically worth between 25 and 50 points.  Projects, however, will have intermediate due dates worth additional points.  The intermediate assignments are designed to help students pace their completion of the project.


    Quizzes/Tests: Assessments of this variety will typically have a weeks notice.  Students assemble study materials in class from assignments completed in class.  There are occasions in which these assessements are open-notebook, because they require application of concepts. 


    Extra Help


    Please feel free to drop in after school with questions - no appointment needed.  If you cannot come after school, please speak to me or email me and we will schedule a time during recess.