• To My Dear Student,


    Do you know how precious you are?

    I wish I could look into your bright eyes and see where you will be in 30 years, 40 years, 50 years! 

    Your future is so full of pathways and treasures.

    You will make me proud.

    You will be someone I talk about and say, “ I remember when…”

    I am so glad you are uniquely you,

    That you see the world from your own perspective.

    We need that.

    We need many perspectives. 

    Our Earth, with all its troubles and beauties, needs you;

    Needs your special thinking and talents.

    Find your talents and celebrate them. 

    Discover mysteries and explore wonders.

    I am grateful to have had so many children come through my door and grow until the next year with me.

    I am lucky to be able to call you or have called you my student. 

    I get the privilege of having smiles and laughter in my classroom each day this year.

    Thank you for being the perfect you that you are.

    I have so many dreams and wishes just for you.

    World, what a gift is coming your way! 



    Mrs. Termini


    mouse heart