Closure Response

  • Our goal is to replicate a typical day’s instruction as close as we can.. Specific instructional plans, assignments, and learning goals will be communicated via your child’s teacher. More specific information on where your child will access this information will be delineated below. Teachers will be available between the hours of 8:30-3:00. As a reminder, depending upon the grade level and the means of communication, feedback may not be immediate but will be in a timely fashion.

    Hillside School

    Most assignments, curricular resources (journals, workbooks) and materials have already been sent home with our younger learners.  Teachers will give their daily instruction either through assignments uploaded on the instructor’s individual webpages or direct email contact with the parent(s).  

    Every second and third grader will have their Chromebook and a charger for home use.  Additionally, teachers have already sent home curricular resources (journals, workbooks) and materials with your child. Assignments and instruction will predominantly be done via Google Suite, a host of digital tools the students are familiar with including Classroom, Docs, Forms, Slides, and Clever as well as through some resources that they have sent home. Teachers will virtually distribute assignments through the Classroom portal. This gives students access to the information at any time during the digital school day (8:30-3:00).

    Grade Level  Core Classes Specials  Teacher Feedback
    Pre-K 3 & 4 Classroom Teachers  Parent Email
    1st Grade
    2nd Grade Google Classroom Classroom Teachers  Parent Email & Google Classroom
    3rd Grade

    Brookside School


    Instruction for Brookside will be done through Google Classroom, which the students here have used all year.  Students can access Classroom on any computer including their school-issued Chromebooks, which they will bring home.  Teachers will assign all work for all classes on this venue (so look here, not on Genesis). In most cases, the work will be done on Google and submitted through Classroom.  In some cases, however, teachers may use third party sites for practice (ie. Freckle, Math XL, etc). In these cases, the teacher has access to your child’s work and performance (and can adjust instruction appropriately). 

    And this brings us to teacher instruction.  Teachers will use all means possible at their disposal.  First, we will do our best to send home materials that we think your child will need. Teachers will then provide your child a means to learn either through text, video, or meetings (Google Meet, like Skype, allows for video conferencing).  I expect that most of the time the teacher will try to use both sound and images to present information (ie. videos). Sometimes, the teachers will use premade videos on youtube or other educational sites; other times they may make screencasts for the kids. 

    If your child needs help, he/she should email the teacher.  The teachers are available from 8:30 to 3:00. (All assignments are due at 3:00).  The teacher will get back to your child in a reasonable time. However, please remember that most of the teachers have close to 100 kids, so it may take some time.  A good plan is to go on with the work (or another assignment) and come back to it when the teacher has responded.  

    Grade Level  Core Classes Specials Teacher Feedback
    4th Grade Google Classroom Google Classroom Student Email & Google Classroom
    5th Grade
    6th Grade
    7th Grade
    8th Grade