Week #1   March 16th - 20th: lesson #1-watch the magic school bus, Flexes its muscles (full video - 30 minutes) 


     Week # 1 March 16th - 20th:  lesson #2- please click the link and fill out form 

     click here for form

    • if you need to go back and watch video, feel free to do so
    • show mom or dad some of the one person commands/movements we do for ship wreck  for example: crab walk
    • discuss with mom or dad how the muscles, bones, and joints are working together while you do those commands/movements


      week #2   March 23rd - March 27th: 

     click link for hand washing song 


    Discuss with your family how we played the germ monster tag game.  

    Make sure you include directions for proper hand washing that we discussed

     click link below for an indoor workout 


     click here for G form


     *Beginning week 3: Each K/1st grade class will have one lesson per week with submission due by Thursday 


     Week #3    March 30th - April 2nd 

    click link below for video: exercise for the heart & other parts of the body


      click link below form G form


     Please submit by Thursday April 2nd 


    Week #4   April 6th - April 9th     

     click link below for fun indoor exercise

    HELPFUL HINTS; for jump roping...use INVISIBLE jumprope!


     click link below for form   Please submit form by 4/9/2020

      click here


     Week # 5   April 13th - April 16th

    We are going to have some fun with a yoga adventure!!!!!



     No form this week.  If there are forms you have not completed from weeks 1 -4, please get them submitted. TY!!  


    Week # 6  April 20th - April 23rd

    Another yoga adventure!!!  Popcorn and the Pirates


     Please click and submit Google Form (below)

    G form


    Week # 7  April 27th - April 30th 

    Hello boys & girls!  Get ready for some dancing!

    Your assignment this week is to be active & creative with Dancing.  Over the last few weeks there have been episodes of Bee TV released on Thursdays.  Each episode ends with a dance party.  This week's dance party song is  "Land of 1000 dances" by Wilson Pickett.  

    A little background on the song. It is quite old, but definitely still rocks!  The lyrics (words of the song) are designed to get you moving.  Mr. Pickett mentions some real dances from the 1960's. He sings about doing the Pony, the Alligator, and more.  What do you think those dances would look like? You may use your imagination or you may do some research on the dances mentioned in the song.  I would like you to use your PE time this week to work on your dance moves for this song.  If you have an older brother/sister in grades 2/3, you may work with them because Mr. Rizer is giving them the same assignment.  Maybe you can get your whole family involved in the fun as well!

    • There is no form this week
    • Don't forget, you may submit a video of your dance to your classroom teacher and they can forward to the producers of Bee TV.  Who knows, it may be added to the show.   submitting a video is not a requirement!
    • Have fun!!!


    Week # 8  May 4th - May 8th

    Great job with the dance party last week! I hope you all had as much fun as i did.

    This week we are going to pretend we have super spider powers  while we follow along with spider power yoga


     Please submit G form

      G form


    Week # 9  May 11th - May 14th 

     click below for an indoor workout 


     Please submit Google form by May 14th 

     G form  


    Week # 10  May 18th - May 21st

    I found a really great workout that i think u will like a lot.  Some parts are challening, do your best!


     Please submit Google form by May 21st

    G form 


    Week # 11  May 26th - May 29th

    click the link below for another yoga adventure


     Please submit form by May 29th 

    G form



    Week # 11 (May 26th - May 29th) was the LAST formal PE lesson of the school year

    *if you have not finished a lesson, -GOOD NEWS - its not too late to make it up.  They are all still posted for you to go back and view!  If you run into an issue submitting a G form, E mail me directly instead.


    There will be more Physical Activty Fun each Friday in June, starting this week!!!