8th Grade Lab Renovations

  • Thank you AFEE, for our beautiful new classroom!

    This 2019-2020 AFEE grant provided funds to redesign and revamp the 8th grade science lab, updating all furniture, equipment, and technology in the room. This transformation aligns with a 21st century vision of seamless technology integration, focusing on flexible space and furniture arrangements.

    Rolling lab benches, tables, and chairs allow quick and effortless room layout changes to match daily student activities. The new room also has ample opportunities for students to interact collaboratively, writing on a floor to ceiling "whiteboard wall," and using the 1x1m orange gridded floors to both play games and to take measurements during innovative construction projects.

    Excitingly, each lab bench is equipped with interactive monitors which can be used for group work to display team documents and facilitate class discussions, modeled after collaborative spaces found on college campuses today.

    This renovation fosters independence from 8th grade students, working both in team settings and encouraging content engagement in novel ways. 

  • Thoughts from Ms. Law....

    "It’s been the 🤪craziest year watching this 📚classroom and 🔬lab space turn into the 😍learning environment of my ☁️dreams. From brainstorming ideas💡 , to picking out 🌈color schemes, to patiently waiting ⏰ for the room to be finished, I’ve really learned about myself as a teacher and what I value for my students🤗. Teaching in 5 different classrooms in the first 2 months of school last year, and then for 3 months at home during the pandemic has really challenged me to become a more flexible educator, and I couldn’t be more 🙏 grateful for my patient 8th grade students, Brookside Middle School, my amazing colleagues, and AFEE for funding part of this project! There are so many fun 🎁 surprises ✨ that bring this space to life and infuse 💻technology seamlessly into our work. I can't wait to use this space even more next year!"


    Stay tuned for more updates on our Class Instagram Page!