• Grading Policy

    • Grades are updated regularly on Real Time
    • Check your grades regularly
    • Any questions - Please ask!
    • Your grade is based on points as specified below.
    • Your average is determined by the total points you earned divided by the total possible points

    Homework (HW) - Usually 2 points

    • Homework is assigned daily and checked daily.
    • Work must be shown for full credit.
    • Be sure to follow instructions on how to submit your homework

    Weekly Reviews (WR) - 20 points

    • Weekly Reviews will be assigned over a number of days.
    • Zero credit is given for Weekly Reviews not submitted on the due date.
    • Weekly Reviews 1 day late will have 3 points deducted and more points may be deducted later than 1 day.

    Test (T) - 200 points

    • The test is the culmination of a unit.
    • A review sheet and an answer key will be provided.
    • Use the answer key to check your work as you prepare and study.

    Quiz (Q) - Up to 100 points

    • A quiz can be assigned various times after investigations.