• Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Study Skills 2019-2020

    Class Description:
    Study Skills is a program designed to reinforce the core skill sets and competencies necessary to excel in all areas of academic study. Students will learn strategies that will help them successfully perform study-related tasks they will encounter in classes for years ahead.  We will also use pre-teaching strategies to help the students become familiar with the material to be covered in the core classes.


    Topics for Review:

    Study Skills will address a number of study strategies over the course of the academic year, including:

    - Active Learning

    - Preview Teaching/Pre-Teaching New Concepts & Ideas

    - Reading and Writing Strategies

    - Organizational Skills including binder/folder organization, homework time management, etc.

    - General Study Skills - how to study/review information in the different content areas

    - Research and Research Paper Skills

    - Test-Taking Strategies & Tips

    Mr. Burns can be reached via email at sburns@allendalek8.com or via phone at 201-327-2020 x2245.