• Fourth Grade Policies and Procedures
    Friday Folders- Every other Friday, students will be bringing home Friday Folders.  Inside are all of the papers I have checked/graded during the previous weeks.  If any assignments need to be corrected or redone, please do so over the weekend.  Parents, please look over your child's work so you are aware of how he/she is doing.  Papers can be kept at home unless they need to be corrected and redone. 
    Band Instruments- You must bring home your instrument every day.  No instruments should be left in the classroom overnight.
    Birthdays- Due to many allergies, children are no longer permitted to bring in birthday treats.  In school however, we will celebrate in other ways!!!
    Homework-   You are expected to read your just right book for at least 100 minutes from Monday through Thursday.   In school, you will be writing about your reading during the week.  It is important to make sure that you read the required amount, but do so in the time that best fits in with your schedule.  In addition, you will complete a math assignment each night which is based on what we learned that day, as well possible packets that reinforce general concepts that are taught. You can always check google classroom to keep up with what we are doing, but please make sure you also write your assignments in your assignment pad for each class every day! 
    Just Right Book- You are required to have an approved just right book with you at all times.
    Post-it Notes- A necessity for Language Arts and Reading!  Please make sure you have them with you at all times.
    Water Bottle- You may bring in a water bottle.  You must be responsible for throwing it away or bringing it home with you. 
    Extra masks- Please have a few extras in your backpack in case you need to change your mask during the day. 
Last Modified on August 30, 2021