• Grading Policies

    Your grade is based on points.  Each assignment is worth various points (see below).
    Your average is determined by the points you earn divided by the total points possible.

    Homework (HW): usually 2 points
    (although this can vary at times).

    Weekly Reviews (WR): 20 points

    (assigned on Fridays, due by the following Friday....seek out help, if needed.  It will be through "Castle Learning"). If I do not receive it by 8:30am on the due date a zero is recorded, if I get it the next day, you lose 3 points... after that time more points may  get deducted. 

    W.I.F.s: 5 points
    (A separate hand-out will be given to explain W.I.F.s...they are due within one week from when a chapter test is handed back). Since you have a week to complete it, no late W.I.F.s will be accepted for credit.

    Quizzes: 5-80 points
    (Done at various times after investigations. Can be partner or individual).

    Chapter Tests: 200 points

    (Culmination of a Unit.  A review sheet is given as well as an answer key to help you check your work as you prepare and study).
    Please note: If you fail a test, you need to come see me (it is your responsibility to advocate for yourself and come to me). You need to have tried your WIFS prior to coming to see me, then I will review the test with you and allow you to "re-take" a different version of the test. By doing this, you MAY be able to raise your score to a maximum of a C...any higher would not be fair to those who cannot retake the test, just hoping for a better score. 

    There will be other assignments throughout the year as well.
    I will always accept an assignment late for partial credit....exception: after we have finished a Unit/Book, I will no longer accept any assignments from that Unit/Book.

Last Modified on August 26, 2021