• Homework Policies


    *Homework is a requirement for success in class.  It will be given on a regular basis and it will be checked.  Late HW will be accepted for partial credit as long as it pertains to a unit/book that we are still working in. 

    *You need to do all your assignments in pencil!  

    *When HW is required to be done on loose-leaf paper, you will need to do it in 4 or 8 boxes (as shown in class) unless otherwise noted. 

    *My main purpose for HW is to help solidify the concepts covered in class.  I expect you to attempt the problems and show work and effort, where appropriate.  I do not record your HW based on amount correct, I mark it based on effort.  

    *Occasionally, I will grade a HW that I feel has had enough reinforcement.   

     *I encourage you to seek out help when needed, whether from your teacher, parent, sibling, or friend.

    *Refer to your class "Summary" for guidance. 

    *As discussed in class, if you feel that there is a problem that is excessively long in computation, you may use a calculator.

    *If you are absent, I would expect you to get the "Summary Sheet" from me when you return.  

    If you would like to make arrangements to pick it up, just let me know, via email.

    Please see me to discuss options, if you are out for more than 1 day.
    You should have a "Math Buddy" from your class!
    Please know that this program is designed for students to be present and participate.
    Try your best NOT to miss class.  Try and schedule appointments outside of math class.
    I understand that illnesses do occur and we will deal with those incidences if they occur. 
Last Modified on September 11, 2019