• Absent Policy:

    According to Brookside's absent policy, for each excused day you are absent, you have one day to make up and turn in any missing assignments.  When absent from class, it is the responsibility of the student to get the missed work and see me with any questions.  Connected Math is based upon group work and discussing the mathematics to be learned.  Therefore it is difficult to return from an absence.  Students must make an extra effort to be present for math class every day.

    All missing work will be filled in the Math 8 Absent red folder hanging on the closet door.  If nothing is in the folder, the student should see me in order to get the handouts from when they were absent.

    Should a student be absent from class due to a school-related activity (chorus rehearsal, band rehearsal, band lessons, school trip, etc.), the student must obtain the work he/she will be missing prior to leaving school that day.  A student WILL NOT receive extensions on the due dates.