Kim Coleman
    4th Grade
    (201)327-2021 ext 22
    Welcome Spring!!  
    Reminder:  We will be taking the NJSLA tests next week.  ELA will take place on Monday and Tuesday, and Math will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.   

    Here's a peek into what we are currently working on:

    * working on our independent reading stamina
    * practicing our responses to reading
    * exploring and deconstructing picture books for literary elements including character development and change, problem and solution, and author's purpose
    * finding just right books that keep our interest!!
    * consistently meeting with Mrs. Coleman to read, discuss our reading, and set new reading goals
    * Literary Essay
    * Personal Essay
    * Persuasive Essay
    * Patterns in division
    * Long division (standard and partial product)
    * Measurements (weight)
    * Measuring angles
    * Fractions and multiplication
    * Solving multi-step number stories
    * Part 2 of Lego Robotics
    * Structure and Function 
    Social Studies:
    * Economics
    Word Study:
    * using word wall words correctly in well-constructed sentences
    * learning about parts of speech (specifically nouns- common and proper)
    * understanding the spelling and meaning of words
    * focusing on how to include meaningful and correctly written dialogue in our writing

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