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    4th Grade
    (201)327-2021 ext 2214
    Happy Fall!
    Here's a peek of what's ahead this week:
    * working on increasing our independent reading stamina
    * keeping track of our reading at school
    * brainstorming meaningful stop and jot starters
    * working with small groups to discuss, question, and write about shared mentor texts
    * Mentor texts we are currently working with:  Mr. Lincoln's Way and Chin Yu Min and the Ginger Cat
    * working on increasing our independent writing stamina
    * responding to both specific writing prompts and "free choice" writings in order to develop a closer relationship with Mrs. C that can grow over time:)
    * continued lessons on personal narrative unit including types of leads and transition words and phrases
    * analyzing our pieces to better understand how we can improve them
    * Review of place and value with larger numbers
    * Review of standard, written, and expanded form of numbers
    * Review of saying larger numbers properly
    * Better understanding of place value relationships between digits in the same larger number
    * Comparing and ordering larger numbers
    * Using several methods to round numbers to specific place values
    * Using estimation to solve number stories
    * Adding and subtracting larger numbers using several strategies
    * Converting units of length
    * Types of lines and line relationships 
    We will be having our first Math assessment tomorrow, October 17th. Please use study guides any any lessons on google classroom to further review/study for the test.  
    Link to my Google Classroom Math that has all of the lessons we do in class:)
    * Our class is currently learning all about Solar Cars in STEM.  We've made our first models, tested them outside to see if they run, and are now waiting for another sunny day to get additional data before we plan our redesign! 
    If you haven't already done so, please join the Remind App so you can get announcements and reminders from me!  Info for that is on the "Back to School Night at a Glance" form below:) 
    Here is a link to the "Back to School Night at a Glance" worksheet which has a link to the video!!!  Coleman's Crew Video!

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