• Hillside School is a kindergarten to third grade elementary school.  Our school is a vibrant and unique learning community and it is an honor to serve as its school principal. Upon entering our building, it is evident that Hillside is a school community where caring counts.  In addition to learning together, the staff, students and families develop collaborative relationships to optimize student successes.  It is truly a special world here at Hillside.  Parents and teachers strive together to provide an academically challenging curriculum and  rich environment through varied experiences, field trips and assemblies for all of our children.

    Our educational philosophy is to promote an environment whereby all students can learn and achieve in a school that focuses on high standards for academics, talents and behaviors.  We strive to focus on the development of the whole child, including emotional and social growth, as well as academic progress. Classroom activities are conducive to social interactions and cooperative learning.  The goal for our students at Hillside is to become well rounded, independent, learners with the ability to become responsible and caring individuals.

    Our primary school curriculum is intended to encourage and harvest a zest for learning.  The academic program emphasizes all disciplines of learning. Children acquire the skills necessary to become successful, active readers and to develop a love for literature. The language arts curriculum emphasizes a reading and writing workshop model approach.  Our math curriculum is distinguished by its opportunities for open-ended, hands-on explorations and ongoing discovery. Social studies and science are taught through inquiry, hands-on experiential activities and written experiences. STEM education is infused through classroom instruction and interdisciplinary lessons.  All classrooms are equipped with SMART Board technology to promote high levels of interactions and rich access to multimedia resources. All students have access to iPad and Chromebook devices.

    Each grade level has weekly art, music, enrichment, physical education and media times.  Spanish instruction is provided in grades 1 to 3. A full array of basic skills instruction and special education services are offered to support the individualized learning needs of our students.  Enrichment opportunities are infused into the classroom instruction and students who are academically talented are supported by our enrichment specialist. English as a Second Language or ESL classes help students who are linguistically and culturally diverse to communicate and achieve academically.

    As citizens of Hillside School, our promise to each other is to be respectful, courteous and helpful.  Our school logo is the Hillside Honeybee. The logo was chosen to foster student cooperation and interdependence, similar to traits found in a honeybee colony.

    Respectfully yours,
    Anastasia Maroulis

    Ms. Maroulis