• Allendale Strategic Plan - Five Year Goals

    September 2013 - June 2018

    By June 2018, the Allendale School District shall:

    1.   Develop new and modify existing curriculum that foster the development of creative thinking, communication, and problem solving skills to help prepare for college and career readiness.


    2.   Ensure that assessment tools are aligned with curriculum and properly monitor and evaluate the progress and achievement of students.


    3.   Support district initiatives by maintaining the resources, supplies, and professional development necessary to promote college and career readiness for all students.


    4.   Review all district operations for potential efficiencies and explore further shared services opportunities with other school districts and governmental entities.


    5.   Ensure that all educational facilities are designed to foster learning in a safe and healthy environment that reflects and supports the 21st century learning culture.


    6.   Review, monitor, and assess the potential of new academic programs and effectiveness of current programs offered to students.


    7.   Maintain and continuously seek new ways to improve communication between the school district and school community. (i.e. academic performance, educational learning opportunities, resources, etc.)


    8.   Ensure that all students and teachers are afforded the advantage of access to the latest in effective technologies to foster the District's educational goals and innovation.


    9.   Encourage and foster opportunities for each child that supports their social and emotional growth.