• Overview of Hillside Physical Education Program


    Here at Hillside  School, we focus on character building and responsibility through sports and games.   Some of the units of activity that students at Hillside participate in include:

    • Cardiovascular and Strength Training
    • Throwing Skills
    • Kicking Skills
    • Teamwork
    • Fleeing and Chasing
    • Hand Eye Coordination


    Guidelines of Hillside Physical Education Program

    These are the guidelines developed to help the students of Hillside School succeed in physical education:

    • Be prepared; wear sneakers
    • Be a good listener, quiet mouth, hands down, looking forward
    • Follow the directions and play fairly
    • Be safe, think before you move
    • Try your best and have fun

    Physical Education Student Preparation
    • Always wear lace up or Velcro sneakers
    • Wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate; no skirts unless shorts or leggings are worn underneath
    • Jewelry must be taken off and left in the classroom
    • Bring a smile and a positive attitude