Overview of Integrated Preschool Program


    The Allendale School District offers a half day, integrated preschool program.  An integrated classroom incorporates the education of general education preschoolers with preschoolers with special needs.  The teacher of the class is certified in both general and special education.  Students with special needs are placed in the program through an evaluation process performed by the Office of Special Services and the general education students apply and are determined by lottery if the number of applications exceeds the available spaces.   A waiting list will be developed comprised of additional names in order of the draw. All students attend 5 half days a week.  Our 3-4 year olds attend our morning session from 9:00-11:30 and our 4-5 year olds attend our afternoon session from 12:30-3:00


    As of September 2016, the integrated preschool program began to follow the Tools of the Mind curriculum.  Tools of the Mind places a strong emphasis on self-regulation skills, early reading and writing skills, and social play with peers.  Each day children participate  in activities to build upon preschool and kindergarten readiness skills.  These activities include scaffolded writing, play based centers, small group math and science, small group literacy, and a large group literacy activity.  Tools of the Mind offers a hands on approach to learning that helps children become engaged in thematic units and lessons.