schoolWelcome to the 2019-2020 Brookside School Year! pencil
    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I am so excited to enter my 7th year at Brookside with students and colleagues whom I so truly admire, respect, and learn from every day. I hope you were able to enjoy many different, fun, and exciting things this summer, while still finding time to relax and unwind. 
    6th graders: You're moving on up....literally! This year all of your lockers (which are much bigger than last year's, YAY!), and most of your classes, will be upstairs on the 6th grade floor. There's so much you already know and are familiar with, but your new 6th grade teachers will be filling you in on more exciting and new things that await you this year.
    8th graders: Welcome to your last year as a Brookside student...how crazy is that?!?! Your brand new teachers are SO excited to meet everyone and get you acclimated to 8th grade life! You're officially the oldest students in the building and you know this school like the back of your hand...you know the school rules, routines, and expecations. If you see a 4th or 5th grader in need of help, or a new student, PLEASE don't hesistate to reach out. Whether it's giving them directions to a classroom, helping them with their locker, or simply just saying, "Hi," be the reason someone goes home happy, and feeling good about themselves. 
     The Scoop: What I can help you with and where/when to find me
     I am available to meet with students about any issues related to friends, school, and family. There are times when students need some advice or encouragement during the school day. In order to come down and see me you should:
        1)  Ask your teacher
        2) Stop by my office during homeroom, during lunch/recess, or at 3:15pm
        3) Send me an email