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I'm beyond thrilled to start my fourth year at Brookside with you all. For the past 3 years, I have taught 8th grade science, but this year, I have the pleasure of teaching 6th and 7th grade as well! We have a beautiful new space to share after construction last summer to our lab room, which we will hopefully get an opportunity to visit and use later in the year. 


This year, we will be diving into various corners within the wondrous world of science! In 6th grade, we will explore forces and motion, energy, and systems both within and outside our Earth! In 7th grade, we will start the year with chemistry, followed by cell biology, human systems, ecosystems, and genetics/heredity. The 8th grade units include earth's history, biological evolution, weather and climate on Earth, how to maintain a biodiverse planet by practicing sustainable living, and mechanical engineering. 


My goals for you are to uncover more about yourself as a learner, how to advocate for your strengths and needs, work collaboratively with others, and ultimately embrace science as an incredible tool for discovering the world around you. Science is all about inquiry, designing calculated and methodical experiments, and most importantly, making and learning from our mistakes. Best of luck; I know you'll do great! And if you ever have any questions or concerns, my door is always open.​

~Ms. Law 



Name: Allison Law

Grade Level/Subject: Middle School Science


Phone: (201)327-2020 (x2240)

* The best way to reach me is via email

Instagram: @ms.law_allendale