•  December 

    Sean Bulger

    Grade-4 Brookside



    Welcome to Brookside school! I am so excited for the year and I look forward to building our classroom community together! We are going to have such a good time conducting science experiments and reading amazing books.


    Update 12/8


    This week the class did "Hour of Code." This is an awesome website that gets students interested and engaged in computer coding. There are many jobs available for coding and it is a great skill to develop. Have them use this website to practice coding at home. The activities are self-guided and students and practice independently.
    Brainteaser: If you are looking for a little family challenge, try and solve this puzzle:
    "How long is a rope that is 2 yards shorter than another rope that is three times the length of the first rope?"
    December 21st- A half-day before winter break
    Literacy - We read a narrative nonfiction about the invention of the slinky. The class analyzed the inventor, Richard James, and thought about a lesson they could learn from his story. The class then worked in book clubs and applied the skills we have been learning to a book they are reading with their group. This week we will work to pull out the facts that the author gives us in the stories. 
    Writing - We worked on reading two stories, "Walking Tall" about Ruby Bridges and "Winning the Vote" about women's suffrage. The class wrote an essay which analyzed how each even changed history. We are switching gears this week and students will be writing about their top moments of 2018 for a project before winter break.
    Math - Fractions have been going well, the class understand the core concepts. This week we will continue to compare fractions with different denominators using a number line. 
    As always, you can use the two websites to practice math at home. 
    Freckle - To login, they use their name and our class code is "bulgea"
    Social Studies- The class worked in small groups to research more about the different "acts" that lead to the revolution and how the colonists responded. This week they will present their slides and then we will begin discussing the Declaration of Independence. 
    Weekly Schedule:
    Monday- A, Tuesday-B, Wednesday - C, Thursday - D, Friday- E


    Students will record homework each night in their assignment pad. Please reach out to me by email with any questions or concerns!