Sean Bulger


    ext. 2209





    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    The class did awesome this week discussing narrative nonfiction and thinking about what they can learn from the characters! I am looking forward to a fun week ahead :)



    12/13 - Report cards live

    12/20 - Half day before winter break

    1/2 - First day back from break 




    Literacy - We worked on comparing characters in narrative nonfiction texts. The class learned how to analyze real-life people from these stories and compare/contrast them. The class also discussed theme and what we can learn from these inspirational stories. 


    This upcoming week the class will use their individual narrative nonfiction texts to practice writing about their reading independently.


    Writing - The class began developing their five paragraph essay about the best part of 2019. They learned how the introduction states their thesis and lays out the topics of their body paragraphs. Now they are working on developing their body paragraphs.


    Math - The class learned how to compare fractions by finding a common denominator or using "benchmark" fractions, such as 1/2. This upcoming week we will continue with comparing fractions and spiral review concepts from the beginning of the year. 


    As always, the class always practice math on https://student.freckle.com/#/login 


    The login code bulgex. This is a great resource if you would like students to practice math at home or enrich homework.


    Science -  The class made their own switches using our circuit materials. Then, they learned the difference between parallel circuits and series circuits by building their own versions of the two. This upcoming week the class will learn about different forms of energy and build a "car racer" using a rubber band and paper cups. 


    Schedule for next week:

    Monday- F Tuesday- G Wednesday- H Thursday- I Friday- J


    Please let me know if you have any questions. 


    Thank you,