Sean Bulger


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    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    We had a great two days back. The class set goals for the new year during our Friday wellness activity and received journals to jot positive thoughts down. The class also started Lego Robotics on Thursday with Mr. Ritter. They are very excited about creating robots!



    January 14th - Unit 3 math test




    Literacy - The class read a fun narrative nonfiction text called "Crum's Potato Predicament." It is a true story about one of the first people who made potato chips. This upcoming week the class will read "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind." We will discuss the story, theme, learn new vocabulary, and character traits. 


    Writing - The class started to write about their goals for this year and their favorite parts of the holiday break. The class will finish up this writing next week, and then we will begin nonfiction writing. 


    Math - The class reviewed fractions and learned about decimal place value. Next week we will continue this work and begin metric units of measurement. 


    The class always practice math on https://student.freckle.com/#/login 


    The login code bulgex. This is a great resource if you would like students to practice math at home or enrich homework.


    Science -  We created chain reaction machines with a ruler as a lever and moved a marble down a ramp. The class learned how energy is transferred between objects. This upcoming week we will learn about different forms of energy.


    Attached are some pictures of our chain reaction machine and the different forms of energy we will discuss. 


    Schedule for next week:

    Monday- C Tuesday- D Wednesday-E Thursday- F Friday- G


    Please let me know if you have any questions. 


    Thank you,