• Health Services

    Our mission is to serve students, staff and parents in order to promote optimal health and wellbeing in our school and community.

     Only the school nurse or parent may administer the medication during school hours. Necessary forms must be completed by the parent and physician before the medication can be administered in school. (See Medication Authorization Form under “FORMS”). Any 6th-8th Grade student are eligible to receive Acetaminophen 325mg if consented on the parent portal after the nurses assesment.

    All medication must be brought to school, by the parent, in the original container and stored in the health office. Exceptions to this are Acetaminophen for our 6th-8th graders. 

    Illnesses occurring during the school day will be evaluated, and the student will either be sent home or allowed to rest in the Health Office and then return to class at the discretion of the nurse.

    Students with a suspected communicable disease will be sent home and re-admitted only after evaluation and clearance by their healthcare provider.

    Heights and weights as well as blood pressure screening are done yearly for all students.
    Hearing and vision screening are performed on students as required by the NJ school health guidelines.
    Scoliosis screenings are done annually on students in grade 7.

    Students may be exempt from scoliosis screening if requested in writing by a parent.

    Any concerns are referred to the parents for further evaluation by the child’s healthcare provider.


    Physical Examinations
    Physical exams are required for students entering Pre-K, Kindergarten, Sixth Grade and new students entering the district.

    Athletic physical exams are also required for those students in grades 6,7 & 8 who wish to try out for Interscholastic Sports. *See Athletics page

    Physical Education Passes
    Your child may be excused from Physical Education for up to one week with a written note from a parent.  Your child requires a note from his/her healthcare provider to be excused for more than a week.  If a student is excused from P.E., he/she cannot participate in recess or intramural or interscholastic sports.

    Students are permitted to be excused from PE for a maximum of three times per trimester with a parent note.

    Parents must notify the school nurse and provide a physican note if a child has any new injury such as: a laceration requiring sutures, using crutches, or has a cast or brace on.

    The note should indicate that the student is not permitted to particiopate in PE/Sports/Recess and should show the length of time before he/she can return to fuill activity.

    Students are required to meet the immunization requirements set forth by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services.
    Cumulative Health Records are reviewed periodically. Parents will be informed if immunizations are not in compliance with New Jersey State Law requirements.






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