We have gotten off to a great start with our Resiliency Initiative!  From our opening day ceremony, to our BTV stories and school wide opportunities, students are having opportunities to learn and practice resiliency.  Parents, please go through our powerpoint ( see below) to learn ways you can help build more resiliency at home.  It''s never too early, never too late!  
    Brookside School Guidance Office
    There are two School Counselors here at Brookside School.  Whenever possible, they follow their students throughout their entire time at Brookside.  
    4th Graders:
    You may work with either of the School Counselors (see below)
    6th and 8th Graders 
    Mrs. Webber
    5th and 7th Graders
     Mrs. Vassallo
    Powerpoints, Presentations, and More!
    • Earlier in the year.... "2017-2018 Back to School Night": Back to School Night Resiliency Presentation
    • *UPCOMING EVENT* Gian Paul Gonzalez: Presenter speaking to Brookside students, district staff, and Quad parents (at 7pm) on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 
    Brookside Counselors....
    •  Believe taking care of your emotional needs is just as important as taking care of your  academic needs!
    •   Are never disciplinarians! Students can consider the counselor's office a safe, comfortable place.
    •  Believe our role is not to solve students' problems, but to give them the necessary tools and  strategies to  solve their own problems.
    Mrs. Vassallo
    201-327-2020 Ext 1201
    Mrs. Webber 
    201-327-2020 Ext 1204