• 8th Grade 
    Welcome Back!! We look forward to a fantastic 2020-2021 school year!
      bookls                                                       globe

      Mrs. Mehlbrech                                            Mr. Goodman

    atoms                                                     spansih class

    Ms. Law                                                               Sra. Cannici

    glass and boooks                                                          math
    Ms. Brooke                                                    Ms. Imhoff
    books2                                                          Math                           
    Mrs. Walker                                                    Mrs. Touw       


    8th Grade Program of Study

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    A significant consideration for 8 th grade is preparing the students for high school. With this in mind, teachers structure opportunities for students to practice independence and decision-making. Academically, the focus is on applying skills already learned and drawing conclusions from prior knowledge and research. A variety of social events and activities serve to bring a positive closure to the students’ career in Brookside School.


    8th graders have several highlight moments in their year. Two big ones are the BEST showcase and the Civics Showcase. In the BEST showcase, students show off what they learn in their extensive mechanical engineering unit, creating the most effective and efficient wind turbine model. The civics showcase provides the students an opportunity to both show off and educate the public about public participation in civics for a project important to the students.


    And, of course, the end of the year includes activities specific to the 8th graders graduation from Brookside.