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    Welcome to 8th Grade LA!
    Grading Policy:
     Eighth grade language arts grades are determined on a point system. Typically, quizzes and shorter assignments are worth ten to fifty points, while tests and longer assignments are worth fifty to one hundred points. Homework and classwork assignments are generally worth two to twenty points. Please always use your best effort when completing assignments. Seek me out if you need help or don't understand something.
    Materials Needed:
     3 Subject Notebooks 
    ~Post-it notes Only if you prefer to use post-it for taking reading notes.( Multiple colors would be great.  I always have yellow handy.)
    ~Blue or black pens
    ~Red pens ( or other colored pens for revision and editing)
    ~Students may want to keep a language arts folders for completed assignments. 
    Trimester One Curriculum:
    Realistic Fiction Novels and Writing:
     Students will study the realistic fiction genre and read several novels from this genre. The students will write their own realistic fiction short story by the end of the unit.
     21st Century Unit
    Students will practice 21st century computer skills during this unit. They will be reading a variety of nonfiction texts while navigating the internet.  Students will develop and research questions. They will gather data to answer that question.  By the end of the unit, students will complete an argument paper defending their topic and perform a Ted Talk about their question. 
     Independent Reading/Independent Writing
    During the course of all the units, the students will be required to always have an independent reading book with them. Students should strive to read every night.
    The students will also work in their writer's notebooks on a regular basis.
    Grammar and Word Study
    Grammar lessons will be infused into the writing curriculum.  
     Word study lessons will be built into the reading units.  
    Make sure you check Genesis and Google Classroom on a regular basis for assignments.
    I am available during recess and after school from 3:15-3:30 for extra help.   
    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    201-327-2020  ext. 2217
    Homework is posted on Genesis. Please check Genesis regularly.