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    Alison Stein
    7th Grade Social Studies
    (201) 327-2020, ext. 2221
    Welcome to 7th grade social studies!
    Course Overview for the First Trimester
    In the first trimester of the school year our focus will be on the various cultures that arrived on the North American continent and their interactions in the New World. We will move through the growth of the American Colonies towards the American Revolution. 
    Grading Policy: Grades are based on a point system. Students' report card grades will reflect the percentage of points they accumulate throughout the semester. Assessments will include tests, quizzes, projects, class participation, and homework. Total points will vary each trimester, based on the work we do!
    Extra Help: I am always willing to meet with students before or after school, as long as students make an appointment in advance.
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