• 6th Grade History 
    Name:Mrs. Laura Boggio
    Grade Level: 6th Grade History
    Phone:201-327-2021 EXT. 2266
    I HEARTHistory!!!
    Illuminated Letter Homework:
     All HOMEWORK is listed in Genesis. If you need to see the directions,click on the GRADEBOOK tab and then click the BLUE interactive link that says;Printable version of weekly assignment list.All of your homework from each class is listed there.  :)
     All Assignments and work will be listed on Google CLASSROOM. 
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    We will have 4 Map Tests this year: The Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Here are some Map Games that can help you to study. Just locate the area you want to work on.

    LizardpointMap Game
    Ilike2learn Map Game